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XERUN COMBO XR8-Plus 150A 150A. + 4274SD G3 2250KV - 1/8 On/Off-Road Monster Truggy HW38020431

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Combo Hobbywing composed of ESC Xerun XR8 Plus 150A + Motor 4274-2250kV G3, with this combo for 1/8 Off-road and Monster 1/8 there are no limits in performance!



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Combo Hobbywing composed of ESC Xerun XR8 Plus 150A + Motor 4274-2250kV G3, with this combo for 1/8 Off-road and Monster 1/8 there are no limits in performance!

A perfectly matched interaction between ESC and motor delivers maximum performance that would not be possible in any other combination, so enjoy the benefit of buying a motor and controller as a combination without having to worry about possible alternatives.

Features ESC XERUN XR8 Plus 150A

Great flexibility and versatility

The EZRUN XR8 regulator has a high, stable and continuous starting point so as to satisfy the demanding requirements of professional pilots. In addition, the controller supports a series of functions that the rider can program according to his needs and the type of track he is on.

High Reliability

After years of continuous improvements in product technology, Hobbywing launches XR8 on the market, the regulator with the strongest hardware and the most performing software that no other regulator has ever had. Not only is it capable of delivering unmatched power, it is also protected from damage caused by overloads. Its reliability has greatly improved.

Dynamic Timing control program

The first 1/8 regulator to adopt dynamic timing technology which was very successful for the 1/10 On-road scale. This increases power delivery without underestimating efficiency. (Note: currently sensored dynamic timing technology is only applicable to 2-pole motors and it is necessary to set the controller to “pure sensored” mode).

Switch elettronico avanzato e sicuro

L’interruttore elettronico con una durata di oltre 50.000 azionamenti on/off completa il design waterproof e dust-proof del regolatore. I problemi causati dalla ruggine, fango e spegnimenti accidentali provocati da urti violenti sono completamente risolti. Per garantire la compatibilità con i telai TRAXXAS abbiamo aggiunto alcuni fori sul case del regolatore.

Sistema di raffreddamento affidabile

La scheda di alimentazione nel regolatore è ricoperta da una barra in rame brevettata che favorisce la conduzione del calore dall’interno verso il dissipatore in alluminio lavorato in CNC. Inoltre la ventola utilizza un design antiurto che riduce i danni provocati dai salti frequenti. Un tale sistema di raffreddamento così altamente affidabile assicura al regolatore un funzionamento e un raffreddamento ottimali.

Modalità automatica di switch

Il regolatore cambierà automaticamente la modalità di guida tra modalità sensored e sensorless a seconda del tempo reale di moto del sensore del motore per garantire il normale funzionamento ed evitare spiacevoli ritiri dalla gara per segnali errati del sensore.

BEC integrato

Il primo regolatore 1/8 che utilizza il BEC integrato con la massima erogazione di potenza di 15A e un voltaggio modificabile di 6V/7.2V. Può comandare facilmente diversi servi, anche servi ad alto voltaggio, così il pilota può controllare i movimenti e le direzioni del loro modello in modo preciso e veloce.

Manutenzione zero

Il regolatore, fatta eccezione per la ventola, non necessita di manutenzione. E’ necessario staccare la cover della ventola per sostituire la ventola stessa, operazione semplice, veloce e lontana dalla complicazioni di ventole integrate.

Dati Tecnici:

Corrente Continua/Spunto 150A/950A

Tipo Motore Motori Brushless Sensored / Sensorless (solo in modalità sensorless)

Utilizzo Macchine 1/8 On Road/Touring, Buggy, Truggy, Manster Truck


Limit of brushless motors with LiPo 4S / 12 cells NIMH KV ≤3000 (motor 4274)

Limit of brushless motors with LiPo 6S / 18 cells NiMH: KV ≤2400 (motor 4274)

LiPo / NiMH LiPo 2-6S / NiMH 6-18S batteries

6V / 7.2V switchable BEC output, 6A continuous current (BEC switch mode)

Cooling fan Powered by the BEC voltage of 6V / 7.2V

Size 58.7 * 48 * 36.9 / 127g

Programming port FAN / PRG port

Motor 4274 G3 2250kv Features:

The Xerun 4274 G3 engine offers 1/8 RC model pilots great driving fun with even better performance, thanks to the improved design and greater efficiency in dissipating the generated heat, this is because compared to previous G2 engines it has been increased by 6 %.

Sensor mode 100%

With the built-in chip, the Xerun G3 motor can be recognized by the Hobbywing Xerun XR8 ESCs, this combination results in a 100% sensor controlled drive system, moreover, the hall sensor system ensures clean and stable operation.

Note: If the motor is connected to other ESCs, there is no guarantee that sensor mode is active.

Turbo Timing Technology

When used with an ESC from the XERUN XR8 series, "Turbo Timing" can also be activated, this has already been used with great success in the 1/10 On-Road category and also frees up the last reserves of engine power.


Low heat development

Low stopping torque

High quality materials and excellent workmanship

Easy installation

Dust resistant to IP5X standard (1900kV, 2200kV and 2250kV)

Technical specifications

Scale: 1/8

Type: Brushless Sensored

KV rating: 2250kv

No-load current: 5A

LiPo cells: 2-6S

Poles: 4

Length: 74 mm

Diameter: 42 mm

Shaft diameter: 5 mm

Weight: 354 g

Timing: 20-40 degrees (adjustable)

Application: 1/8 On-Road - 1/8 Off-Road - Monster


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