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XERUN JUSTOCK 17.5 G2.1...
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XERUN JUSTOCK 17.5 G2.1 motore brushless sensored 3650 1/10 - 1/12 30408011

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Caratteristiche:Conforme alle regole ROAR e IFMAR L'uso di una case in alluminio con magnete resistente al calore e avvolgimenti a doppio isolamento cuscinetti di alta precisione e un rotore con una struttura robusta garantiscono prestazioni eccezionali e una lunga durata. La campana posteriore non regolabile integrata nel sensore Hall combinata con un rotore bilanciato di alta precisione ...



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Features: Compliant with ROAR and IFMAR rules The use of an aluminum case with a heat resistant magnet and double insulated windings with high precision bearings and a rotor with a robust construction ensure exceptional performance and long life. The non-adjustable rear bell integrated into the Hall sensor combined with a high precision balanced rotor guarantees the user linear power on demand. The silicone O-ring fitted between the bell and stator helps conduct heat inside the motor case and prevents dust from entering the HALL sensor. The removable structure design for daily cleaning and maintenance can effectively extend the life of this Justock engine and improve its operating efficiency. Perfectly matched with the XR10-Justock ESC for all zero racing timing specifications and also compatible with other Hobbywing electronic speed controllers including other brands. Specifications: Battery: 2S-3S LiPo 2 POLE 1/10 1/12 On-Road (Truggy / Drifting Car / F1 / Monster) and Off-Road (Buggy / 2WD SC Truck / Truck) Race STOCK / SPORT (choose the base engine on competition rules.) Free / casual racing for new beginners Rock Crawler (21.5T 25.5T only) Justock Combo (ESC + Motor) available STOCK / SPORT Class application (choose engine as per race rules) 1 / 10th 1 / 12th On-road (eg Touring Car or Drift F1 Mini car etc.) Off-road (ie 2WD SCT buggy and truck) racing normal training and rock crawler (21.5T and 25.5T only).


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