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XERUN 4268SD 2200KV FULL SENSORED brushless engine 4 Poli 1/8 -HW30401903

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The first engine in the world with a built-in chip that helps regulator recognition is a Hobbywing motor (when used with XERUN XR8 and XR8 Plus) and constitutes a system that can work in Full Sunsored mode and provide the user with the best performance.



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Advanced sensorsystem.

The first error-free sensor system (patented Hobbywing in the RC field) used by this motor guarantees stable and constant operations in Full Sensored mode.

A separate high-speed, high-precision encoder is capable of outputting clear signals and is unaffected by other interference.

Very low "cogging" effect. 

The first motor that adopted a 4-pole rotor with 8 "staggered pole" magnets (patented design by Hobbywing in the RC field) has an extremely low "cogging" effect about 85% less when compared with traditional 1/8 motors.

Excellent design and quality of materials

CNC machined reinforced aluminum heatsink case with sensor port covered by a silicone protector ensures effective heat dissipation and dust protection

- 4xM3 and 2XM4 mounting holes on the front case allow mounting on different types of engine mounts.

- Gold-plated plates with very low internal resistance allow safe and reliable welding.

- Use of double insulated cables Japanese NMB bearings and high strength adhesive (340 ° C)


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