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ICharger X12 CHARGER BATTERY 1500w 30A. 1 x 12S

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ICharger X12 CHARGER BATTERY 1500w 30A. 1 x 12S



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With the new iCharger X12, the renowned manufacturer Junsi has launched a unique pocket charger in its category. Up to 12 cells can be charged directly.

Despite the small dimensions of 112x64x37 mm, no compromises have been made in terms of performance and usability.

The technical data is impressive, a charging power of 1100 W (from 23.5 V), 1-12 second LiPo cells and a charging current of up to 30 A are sufficient even for large batteries with high capacity. Of course, all other battery types such as LiHV, LiIo, NiZn, PB, NiCd or NiMh can also be charged.

The discharge power is 50 watts, but can be increased up to 1100 watts using an external load (discharge resistor). Of course, the iCharger X12 also handles regenerative charging. Here, the battery capacity is fed back into the supply battery, for example from a fully charged flight battery.

The 2 amp balancing current always ensures perfectly balanced cell voltages.

A USB port and a Micro SD slot can be used for recording data, but also for future updates.

The menu navigation is almost identical to the well-known Junsi iCharger 308DUO, 406 DUO or 4010DUO.

A 2.4" IPS LCD display ensures good readability even in low light conditions.


In order to charge 12s, you need a 13-pin XH connector on the battery!

No balance board is included, for example to be able to load 2x6 as 12.

All Junsi X and DUO series chargers have been developed and approved for use in model building. Industrial use is not intended and therefore not permitted.

Technical data:

Input voltage: 11-53V DC

Maximum power: 1100W

Length (mm): 112

Maximum number of LiPo cells: 12

Balancer compensation current per output: 2A

Adjustable discharge current with feedback: 30A

Maximum charging current: 30A

Maximum number of NiCd/NiMH batteries: 32

Input Current Limit: 35A

Max. lead-acid battery voltage: 40V

Maximum discharge power: 50W

Micro SD card slot: Yes

Integrated power supply: no

Input connector type: XT60

Charging output connector type: XT60

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