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Hobbywing Xerun Combo JS4 - XR10 Justock G3 + 13.5T G2.1 3200kv 38020320

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Combo ESC Hobbywing Justock G3 + Motor Hobbywing Justock 3650SD G2.1 13.5T, this combination is specially composed for Stock races, thanks to the brand new programming option "RPM Limit" ensures that the engine rpm limit can be adjusted according to to the needs of the race - from 12.500RPM up to 25.000RPM and unlimited, in addition, there is the well-known 0-Timing (Blinking), often required in stock competitions.

Another new feature is that the motor can now turn clockwise or counterclockwise thanks to the ESC Justock G3, this makes it possible to use it in many more cars than its predecessor, and just like the direction of rotation of the motor, so does the voltage. BEC can be programmed., You can freely choose between 6 and 7.4V via smartphone with OTA programming module or LCD programming card.

In addition to the countless safety features, the G3 version is equipped with reverse polarity protection, which ideally prevents damage caused by incorrect battery connection.

Features (ESC)

Perfectly suited for competition thanks to the RPM-Limit and 0-Timing options

Freely selectable direction of motor rotation (CW or CCW)

Adjustable BEC voltage (6V or 7.4V)

Sturdy aluminum housing for ideal heat dissipation

Integrated capacitors as a space-saving solution compared to external capacitors

Various protection functions against:

Reverse polarity


Shutdown due to undervoltage

Engine block

Numerous programming possibilities (LED / LCD programming, WiFi / OTA module, ...)

Firmware updates possible to always be up to date

Features (Engine)

Heat resistant magnet and double insulated windings

Precision bearings

Open case for good heat dissipation

Linear and smooth control

Possibility of replacing the main components

Technical specifications (ESC)

Type: brushless with sensor

Continuous / peak power: 60A / 380A

Input voltage: 2S Lipo

BEC: 6V / 7.4V @ 4A

Motor types: brushless motors (sensors and sensors)

Motor limit: motor> = 10.5T 3650

Fan: Yes, input via BEC


SET button, LED programming box, LCD programming box, Wi-Fi module, OTA module, separate programming port

Dimensions: 40.9x33.9x32.1 mm

Weight: 75.4 g

Application: 1/10, 1/12 on-road and off-road racing and training (e.g. touring car, buggy)

Technical Specifications (Engine)

Type: Brushless / sensor

Poles: 2

KV: 3200KV

Coil number: 13.5T

LiPo cells: 2-3s

No-load current: 4.0A

Outside diameter: 35.9mm

Length: 52.5mm

Shaft diameter: 3.17mm

Weight: 175 g

Advance: fixed

Applications: 1/10, 1/12 Touring Car and Buggy (Drift class)

Manual In Italian


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