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QUICRUN Brushless Crawler sistema FUSION 1800kv 540 SPEC + PROGRAM CARD 30120401

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QUICRUN FUSION Brushless System Crawler 1800kv 540 Spec + Program card for scaler 1/10( 2 in 1) 30120401 


QuicRun Fusion Brushless System for Crawler / Scaler 540 Spec

This brushless system is composed of a motor + ESC, but the overall dimensions are that of the 540 brushless motor only, the total weight is 201gr, it is the ideal solution for converting most scalers to brushless in the simplest way, solving problems. of space and wiring even in scalers with internal space problems.

Intelligent Torque Output ...

Intelligent torque and speed management system means that the QuicRun Fusion System keeps the torque value stable at all speeds even with varying rpm, ascent descent, under stress, the Intelligent Torque Output Control system makes these operations extremely simple.

FOC (Fiel-Oriented-Control)

The QuicRun Fusion system uses the FOC technology that allows a very high torque at very low speed, the engine runs smoothly already at an extremely low number of revolutions, moreover the engine is extremely quiet, and also improves the driving characteristics of the model. .


The Fusion kit is IP67 waterprof, has excellent protection against water, dust, mud and snow.

High Energy Efficiency

Brushless systems have a higher energy efficiency than Brushed systems, lower motor heating, and therefore lower battery consumption after part of use, moreover the motor is quieter and more precise.

Professional Drag Brake

The 8-level Drag Brake Force adjustment and 9 Drag Brake Rate levels allow infinite adjustments for all models and needs. The maximum Drag Brake value is almost double that obtainable with the other brushless systems of the same size, this allows the model to be parked even with very high inclinations.

Electronic Switch

The system is equipped with an electronic switch, which compared to traditional mechanical switches does not cause operating problems with dust and dirt is much more reliable as it has no mechanical parts that can break or give false contacts, it does not turn off in case of strong impacts of the model.

Technical data:

Application: 1 / 10th Rock Crawler

Current: A.40A / 160A

Power supply voltage: 2-3S Lipo / 6-9 Cell NiMH

BEC voltage: 6V / 7.4V 4A. adjustable

Brushless Motor: 1800KV

Measurements: Diameter 36mm Length 64mm

Motor Shaft Measurements: Diameter 3.175mm / 16mm

Motor type: 4 Poles

Power Wiring: Red-14AWG-200mmx1 / Black-14AWG-200mmx1

Power Connector: XT60

Weight: 201g (including wiring)

Programming System

SET Button on ESC: NO

LED Program box: YES (HW30501003) included in the kit

LCD program Box: NO

WiFi Module: NO

Program connection: Through Port present on the switch

Firmware upgrade: NO


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