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XERUN AXE R2 Brushless ESC + AXE540L R2-2800KV-FOC COMBO System 38020313

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Consisting of AX R2 80A electronic regulator + AXE540L R2 2800KV motor

Hobbywing Xerun Axe540L R2-2800kV FOC Combo for Rock Crawler


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Consisting of AX R2 80A electronic regulator + AXE540L R2 2800KV motor

Hobbywing Xerun Axe540L R2-2800kV FOC Combo for Rock Crawler

Intelligent torque and speed control for precise, high-precision driving maneuvers with your 1/10 Rock Crawler
The XeRun AX R2 brushless controller connected to an AX R2 motor automatically adjusts torque and speed according to load needs.This technology is also called FOC (Field-Oriented Control) and is the hallmark of this fantastic driving experience.

The XeRun AX R2 540 motor with its 3175 mm shaft and 2800 KV also contributes to this with Hobbywing's patented integrated offset-pole rotor design the 4-pole motor has almost no stopping torque and runs smoothly in all conditions with the professional handbrake function the car is now 100% still even on the steepest slopes the engine and the regulator are both connected via a special sensor cable with an improved waterproof connector.

The controller also offers extensive setting possibilities for all professionals connected via Bluetooth and APP you can read relevant data change settings or perform firmware updates everything is simple and easy.

ESC Specifications: Type: Brushless FOC Continuous Current / Peak 80A / 480A Cells: 2s-3s LiPo 6-9 NiMH
Motors: XeRun-AX R2 motors only
BEC: 6V / 74V - 6A
Programming: Bluetooth and HW LINK APP
Waterproof: Yes
Dimensions: 474 x 362 x 265 mm
Weight: 108 g
Application: 1/10 Rock Crawler and Scaler
Engine technical specifications:
Type: sensorized brushless FOC
Poles: 4
KV: 1400KV LiPo cells: 2s-3s
No-load current: 17A
Outside diameter: 360 mm
Length: 578 mm
Shaft diameter: 3175 mm
Shaft length: 16 mm
Waterproof: Yes
Weight: 232 g
Application: 1/10 Rock Crawler and Scaler
ESC + engine + Manual in Italian
FOC Field Oriented Control New sensor technology has changed handling, performance and adjustability the new electronic controller and Hobbywing AX motor mark a new era in the Scaler Crawler sector. Field Oriented Control is the name of this new technology is something completely new in the Scaler Crawler Rock Crawler sector and in general in the world of RC modeling. The new engine sensor management system guarantees perfect linearity and maximum torque at all times this guarantees a ride with better traction and control than ever before.

Intelligent Torque and Speed ​​Management
Not only a new ESC and motor but the new FOC sensor system combined with the software that manages torque and speed ensure that the motor maintains the level of torque and number of revolutions in any condition ascent descent under load then program your configuration the system AX will do what you want.

Patented offset rotor
The new AX motor not only has the new sensor system but compared to other motors for Rock Crawler it has a new rotor with a patented staggered design. What does it mean ? Rotation in the absence of "Cogging" acceleration deceleration braking transition between one and the other in an extremely "soft" way. This has been specially designed for Trial and Rock Crawling use for precise delivery and throttle and brake control in all conditions.

Usable in any Weather and Path conditions
The AX system is IP-67 waterproof ESC is completely sealed and has a robust aluminum cooling case suitable for off-road use. The same thing for the engine is completely sealed does not require special attention.
Very high degree of efficiency
The AX system is extremely efficient, the FOC sensors also guarantee an increase in battery life, the time of use increases and the torque and power levels remain high for longer.

Professional Drag Brake adjustment system
In normal crawler systems you can only adjust hill / hold / drag brake in AX system the drag brake adjustment is more sophisticated even when you are at full throttle when you release the throttle the engine does not stop suddenly but will have a soft stop and adjustable the level of the drag brake compared to that of the other systems can reach 200%.

Innovative Sensor Port
The new sensor connection system between the motor and ESC is completely waterproof & dustproof with a quick and precise engagement.

Bluetooth connection built into the ESC
the new ESC AX incorporates the Bluetooth transmitter receiver this allows direct connection to your mobile smartphone via the Hobbywing app available for IOS & Android all without wires and without having to buy anything else.

High precision Magentic Encoder
A high precision magnetic encoder is installed in the ESC which allows the ESC to have more information from the motor than the standard "Hall Sensor" which increases performance and efficiency.

Electronic switch
Dust, dirt and water are no problem for the AX system switch which uses a safe and reliable electronic button.
Programmable Software
With tons of options to tune the system to your liking you can also adjust timing / boost / in case your car isn't fast enough this feature grants extra speed from your AX system. Sometimes the paths are long and winding a little more speed can be useful.

Reverse polarity protection system
This new AX system has been designed and built with a unique feature of its kind, the XERUN AX controller incorporates a protection system against damage caused by polarity inversion in case the polarity is accidentally reversed when you connect ESC to the battery pack the whole system (ESC + ENGINE) will be protected from damage this protection is unique in its kind.

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