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EZRUN 3660SL G2 4000KV...
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  • EZRUN 3660SL G2 4000KV... 2

EZRUN 3660SL G2 4000KV Motore brushless 4 poli sensorless 1/10 - 1/10 short course albero da 5mm 30402651

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Innovative 4-pole, 8-magnet staggered pole rotor (patented by Hobbywing) with low cogging effect and torque pulsation that greatly improves the feeling of control around corners.

The built-in temperature sensor and sensor port protect the motor from damage due to overheating when pairing the EZRUN 3660 G2 with an EZRUN MAX10 SCT ESC.

The O-ring gasket mounted between the front bell and the motor case isolates the screw holes from the internal parts to prevent liquid or dust from getting inside and protect the motor from damage.

The special design implemented by the motor case (the end connects to the front bell) isolates the internal coils from the outside to protect the winding from damage caused by too long screws.

The special temperature control technology implemented by this motor guarantees less heat and more efficiency (efficiency rate up to 90%).

CNC machined aluminum housing, high purity copper windings, advanced rotor structure, high quality alloy steel output shaft, high precision bearings for high durability and smooth running.

Rebuildable (partially rebuildable) design for routine maintenance effectively extends engine life and increases engine efficiency.

The excellent pairing of EZRUN 3660 G2 with EZRUN MAX10 SCT guarantees users great torque plus a very smooth and linear power band.


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