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SANWA MT-R FH5 telemetry...
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SANWA MT-R FH5 telemetry system 2.4 GHz FH5 + RX-493i receiver

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SANWA MT-R FH5 telemetry system 2.4 GHz FH5, RX-493i receiver



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SANWA MT-R FH5 telemetry system 2.4 GHz FH5, RX-493i receiver

The mid-range remote control

[Features] • Large LCD display • SUR, SSR, SHR, NOR mode • FH5 transmission system • Integrated carrying handle • Built-in internal antenna • Adjustable throttle/brake lever • Receiver dust protection box • 4x AA batteries • Weight 363g

[Other Features] • Dual Rates (D/R) • Speed ​​[SPEED] • Curves [CURVE] • Fail Safe [F/S] • Base [BASE] • Reverse [REV] • Sub Trim [SUB-T] • End Point Adjust [EPA] • Functions [FUNC] • Trim [TRIM] • ABS brake [ALB] • Offset [OFFSET] • Throttle Type [TH TYPE] • Step AUX [STEP AUX] • Point AUX [POINT AUX] • Four Wheel Steer [4WS] • Motor on axis [MOA] • AUX mixing [AUX-MIX] • Code AUX [CODE AUX] • Model selection [MODEL SELECT] • Model name [MODEL NAME] • Copy model [MODEL COPY] • Delete model [MODEL CLEAR] • Lap time [LAP TIMER] • Interval time [INT TIMER] • Countdown [DOWN TIMER] • LOG data [LOGGER] • Alarm settings [ALERT SETTING] • Telemetry settings [TELEMETRY SETTING] • Key assignment switch [KEY ASSIGN SW] • Key assignment trim [KEY ASSIGN TRIM] • Buzzer [BUZZER] • Battery [BATTERY] • LCD [LCD] • Calibration [CALIBRATION]

• Compatible receivers: RX-491, RX-492, RX-492i, RX-493, RX-493i

[Receiver Features] • 2.4GHz FH5 (SUR, SSL) • 4 channel • Input voltage 3.7-7.4V • Dimensions 26x23.2x14mm • Weight 6.2g

A notice: • Indication function only compatible with MT-5 • CODE 5 cannot be used with the MT-R


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