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FUTABA 4GRS Stick radiocontrol 2.4 ghz with telemetry - (FU1034)

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Sulla base dell’esperienza e del know-how ottenuto dai trasmettitori aircraft Futaba ha progettato il nuovo trasmettitore 4GRS con telemetria. Sistema di telemetria di nuova concezione sistema T-FHSS che è più veloce e più affidabile. Non solo è possibile monitorare la tensione del ricevitore ma si possono anche controllare altre funzioni importanti di una vettura in tempo reale con sensori ...



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Based on the experience and know-how obtained from aircraft transmitters, Futaba designed the new 4GRS transmitter with telemetry.

Newly developed telemetry system T-FHSS system which is faster and more reliable.

Not only can the voltage of the receiver be monitored but other important functions of a car can also be controlled in real time with optional sensors.

Multifunctional jog button

The new jog button can insert up down right or left so that navigating through menus is easier.

T-FHSS R304SB receiver

The 4GRS set is included with the new R304SB receiver with telemetry.

Optional sensors can be installed via the S.BUS2 port.

Several telemetry functions can be displayed on the screen simultaneously using the optional sensors.

Receiver voltage can be viewed without optional sensor.

With the 4GRS you can adjust the Gyro GYC430 setting on the screen.

Kit Contents:

4-channel 24 Ghz remote control


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