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Futaba 3PV 3-Channel Transmitter with R203GF Receiver

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Futaba 3PV 3-Channel Transmitter with R304SB Receiver For Surface Models



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Here is the new 3PV model car radio remote control that immediately impresses with its lightness. 3 + 1 channels with T-FHSS transmission system, integrated telemetry, several options for channel mixing and gyroscope adjustments supported.

Equipped with a large screen for efficient control of the system, accessing the system menu is very intuitive although this radio has very sophisticated software and a very fast response that could make a difference in the race. Equipped with digital trims, 10 memory slots and compatibility with S-FHSS and FHSS receivers. The battery compartment is accessible through the base of the transmitter, and can hold 4 "AA" batteries or a lithium pack.

Equipped with 203GF receiver perfect for controlling the brush-less controller and digital servos.

- Memory 10 models

- FHSS / S-FHSS / T-FHSS protocol *

- Model Reset

- Model Name (4 characters)

- Battery alarm

- Link function (T-FHSS only)

- DT3 selection

- SW1

- Steering trim

- Trim gas

- 4 Channel Trim

- Sub Trim

- Steering stroke

- Fine steering adjustment

- Fine gas adjustment

- 3 channel fine adjustment

- 4 channel fine adjustment

- 4WS / brake mixing

- Reverse steering

- Reverse gas

- Reverse 3 channel

- Reverse 4 channel

- Exponential steering

- Exponential Gas

- Fail Safe Gas

- ABS function

- Copy model data

- Auto shutdown after 10 minutes

* NOTE: T-FHSS available only with R203GF receiver.


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