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SANWA MT44 2.4GHZ 4CH with...
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SANWA MT44 2.4GHZ 4CH with telemetry SSL SSR - (101A32171A)

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SANWA MT-44 2.4GHZ 4CH with telemetry SSL SSR



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SANWA CAR RADIO MT-44 RX-482 2.4G 4CH TELEMETRY High definition display The same high definition of the M12S allows a very detailed display. Three types of Telemetry data can be viewed simultaneously thanks to the grayscale display.

Optimized positions for throttle and steering

The Steering and Throttle controls are positioned in the most convenient position for Drop Down driving.

Three AAA alkaline batteries

The power supply with three AAA alkaline batteries is not only compact but also light.

USB charge

If the power is supplied by a Li-Po battery from One Cell, the weight is even less and the charge must be done with a USB socket.



Transmitter: TX-482

Receiver: RX-482 New Features: Removable Handle Cover Quick Settings Wizard Safety Link Racing Mode Customizable Menu Compatible with Micro SD Cards Telemetry Switch Clock Display Temperature CSV Output for Data LOG Compatibility with CODE 10 (Programmable Name) Simultaneous display of three Telemetry data Three AAA batteries Compatible with a Li-Po cell (Chargeable from a USB socket) Large High Definition LCD Monitor Backlit Repositionable trigger Telemetry Built-in antenna Multi Menu Selector Steering / Throttle voltage adjustable Dual Rate End Point Adjuster Anti-lock Brake Speed ​​Servo Offset Trim / Sub trim Servo Reverse Curve (Exponential / Adjustable Rate) AUX1 (Movement of the 3CH. Like the function of the MT-4S) AUX2 (Movement of the 4CH. Like the function of the MT-4S) Fail Safe (Motor / Battery) Timer (lap / interval / down) Lap Logger 20 Model Memories (Using an SD card 250 Memories) Model Name (12 letters) Model (Select Delete Action / Copy) Direct Model Choice Trim Type (Center / Parallel) Gas Type (70:30 / 50:50) RF Modulation Choice (FH4T / FH3) Response Choice (NOR / SHR / SSR) * Assignment (SW / TRIM / DIAL / LEVER) AUXILIARY TYPE SETTING AUX CODE (With function description) AUX STEP (Step 1 - 100) AUX POINT (2 - 6 point) 4WS MIX (Front / Rear / Normal (in the same direction) / Reverse (in the same direction) opposite direction) MOA MIXING (FWD / 4WD / RWD) AUX MIXING (ST MIXING / TH MIXING) Buzzer (tone / volume) Transmitter battery alarm LCD contrast Volume adjustment Steering angle Soft grip cover The contents of the box can change at any time even without to be communicated in advance.


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