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Xray X4 Graphite Edition 1/10 Luxury Electric Touring Car

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Xray X4 Graphite Edition 1/10 Luxury Electric Touring Car

Xray X4 a new platform from Xray for racing 1/10 scale electric touring.

Car in assembly kit only with mechanics without electronics.



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Xray X4 Graphite Edition 1/10 Luxury Electric Touring Car

Xray X4 a new platform from Xray for racing 1/10 scale electric touring.

Car in assembly kit only with mechanics without electronics.

The next generation X4 touring car platform features an advanced upper / lower arm suspension mounted on a new bulkhead structure and a narrow chassis layout to push performance to the next level

Exclusive CFF - Carbon fiber upper and lower suspension arms for exceptional handling and durability

All suspension components mount directly to CFF arms with no additional brackets, inserts or bushings for precision and reliability

ARS suspension with highly adjustable geometry settings including roll center, caster and active toe adjustment

Hudy Spring Steel precision pivot balls in all suspension pins for smooth suspension movement

The brand new hubs are universal front and rear to reduce the number of spare parts and facilitate maintenance

The new anti-roll bar shapes match the updated mounting points on the CFF suspension arms

Brand new aluminum shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions for maximum adjustability

New upper bulkheads with swiveling inserts for quick configuration changes feature centering pins for precise installation and increased reliability

Updated lower bulkheads with raised differential height option for improved cornering speed

The new features of this model:

- The bulkheads and engine mount are equipped with centering pins for easy assembly.

- Brand new super strong one piece motor mount for better reliability and has special countersunk holes for top deck screws.

-The engine mount has two battery stops with integrated adjustable belt tensioners

- Perfectly symmetrical chassis designed to work with the brand new CFF suspension, engine mount and bulkheads

- Completely new top deck with a narrow shape for easier installation and better handling

- Various ready-to-use Multi-Flex settings

-Front flex characteristics enhanced by the front aluminum frame support under the solid axle

- Rear body mounting system is connected directly to the chassis for improved downforce and traction

- Adjustable front body up-stop system incorporated into the front upper arm allows for lower front positioning to improve steering and stability at high speed

- Reversible direction servo mount has multiple flex options with universal design to fit all servos

- Updated battery holder with graphite spacers for safer battery mounting

- Updated solid front axle and rear gear differential for a centered rear belt position that improves texture and forward traction

- Redesigned aluminum lay shaft for new belt positions and chainring easier to disassemble.

- New super narrow, light and perfectly balanced wheel hubs

- New longer drive shafts in both front and rear for improved transmission stability and efficiency

- Improved steering system with more efficient geometry and lower height for reduced play and greater consistency and adjustability

- New aluminum steering arms included in the kit with improved geometry

- New dashboard with adjustable steering anti-reverse to control the steering angle.

Features :


Class: 1/10 Touring electric car

Width: adjustable 189 mm

Length: 372 mm

Pitch: Adjustable 256-260mm

Necessary accessories not included:

- Radio (transmitter and receiver)

- Power steering

- 540 class brushless motor

- Brushless regulator

- Motor pinion

- 2S hardcase LiPo battery pack

- Battery charger

- 1/10 body (190 mm)

- Tires and rims

- Double sided tape

- Cyanoacrylate glue

- Bearing oil

- Medium (blue) threadlocker

- Assembly tools


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