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FTX Outback 3.0 Treka RTR 1/10 Trail Crawler Blue

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The popular Treka 3.0 enjoys a makeover on the latest Outack 3 trail platform.

Using hidden body mounts, the detailed body features multiple molded scale accessories such as integrated front grille with angel eyes headlights, scale bumpers, PVC roof cover, roof rack, mirrors, roof lights and clear windows , the Treka 3 can't wait to be taken on adventures.

Underneath the Outback 3 uses Etronix's new System 3 waterproof ESC/RX/LED smart light controller which provides a wide range of different lighting options along with the option of aftermarket plug-in LED roof bulbs.

A powerful 6kg Etronix power steering, along with an improved 45° steering angle, combined with the adjustable front caster angle, offers exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.

The 1500mAh battery has been moved forward for better stability, while the oil-filled shocks now feature threaded bodies for fine adjustment.

Upgraded locked front and rear axles feature a removable scale cover to access the metal drivetrain and ring gear.

With 1.9" supersoft scale tread tires mounted on chrome wheels, finished with dust covers, the Treka 3 is all primed and ready to explore new trails.


99% ready to use

Etronix 4ch 2.4ghz radio system

Etronix System3 waterproof ESC/RX/LED smart controller

Etronix 6kg waterproof servo

390 brush motor 25T

7.2V 1500mAh NiMH battery and USB charger

Ball bearings

Steel frame with double rail metal frame

6mm steel multi-link suspension

Universal telescopic center drive shafts

CVA universal front axle shafts in steel

Oil bath shock absorbers

Integrated locked axles with removable cover

Improved 45° steering angle

Bevel gear and metal ring gear

Chrome rims w/dust cover and 1.9 nut

Forward-mounted battery compartment

Contoured grille, bumpers, lightweight buckets

PVC roof covering and roof rack

Intelligent LED headlights

Body assembly with hidden supports

The body is equipped with transparent windows


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