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Arrowmax 4D Set-up system for 1/8 onroad (AM-174044)

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The all-new 4D setup system will be available for the 8th scale on-road classes! The Set-Up System allows you to measure and adjust camber, caster, toe-in/out, track width and steering angle symmetry with high precision.

It is a hassle when racers have to remove the rear end of their body post in order to check the toe-in of their 8th scale on-road cars. With that in mind, we have decided to innovate a completely new system and design to allow users to enjoy a smoother operation throughout their setup process.

Another key element we have added is for users to measure the track width using the 4D setup system. The built-in ruler allows user to check the distance between the hexes, resulting in a much better understanding of their car setup.

The reading of toe-in/out are now measured on the laser-engraved 7075 CNC body without the long and bulky acrylic plate. Giving a much precise measurement.

The whole system is very small, light, and are designed with a purpose to improve the quality of life. Storage and transportation becomes less of a hassle.

A set contains:

1. Lower plate x2 (Front& Rear)

2. Setup stations x4 (Front& Rear)

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