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New Quantum RX FLUX 4S rally car!

There's a new model in the QuantumR family! RC enthusiasts can now add the QuantumRX rally car with 4S FLUX engine alongside their QuantumR models and the Maverick brand QuantumR muscle car!

The QuantumRX rally car not only has the speed and looks of a rally car, but offers thrilling action in all conditions and can withstand incredible stunts.

The QuantumRX rally car continues the Maverick trend of breaking new ground in terms of specification and performance! It's based on the rugged Quantum+ chassis with an all-terrain suspension setup running on low profile Tredz tires and brand new rims, which are powered by a fantastic HPI 4S FLUX brushless power system....and that's before we get to the full suite of HD drivetrain reinforcements and fantastic styling outside of the ALL-NEW high-downforce polycarbonate bodywork.

The QuantumRX is ready to be driven at full throttle! It's fully built, factory prepped, and designed to perfectly handle all types of surfaces, from gravel, to asphalt, to grass, and more! In style, the QuantumRX doesn't disappoint: the aerodynamic, high-downforce bodywork blends seamlessly with the dual-level hard plastic rear wing, rear diffuser, rally wheels and Tredz Stage rally tires for a fantastic stance ready for any terrain! The bodywork is also complete with a full racing design in two different exciting colors!

...And it's more than good under the hood!

The QuantumRX rally car has been optimized to withstand the rigors of high-speed off-road rallying! From the deep tub chassis, rugged shaft drive, covered spur gear, front skid plate bumper, and resilient rear diffuser bumper, this car is ready for all conditions! It's also ready for high-speed handling because it's equipped with a number of features, including extra thick shock towers that support long-travel aluminum threaded coilover shocks. The QuantumRX features great suspension, super strong 17mm hex hubs and new black rally wheels mounted on new Tredz Stage rally tires from HPI Racing.

However, all this equipment needs a robust drivetrain to cope with the demands of the brutally fast 4S system, plus the inevitable bumps and jumps along the way! So the HPI Racing design team employed ultra-tough heavy-duty parts in these models to ensure it remains HPI Tough! The QuantumRX comes with plenty of heavy-duty parts including: HD front CVDs, HD rear driveshafts and rear axles, HD center driveshafts and HD drive pans. The suspension is reinforced with front and rear HD tensioners and a foam front bumper on top of the front skid plate bumper, and the deep tub chassis is finished with a rugged rear diffuser bumper.

Using the same powertrain as the Race Truck and Muscle Car, the QuantumRX features amazing 4S brushless power and a 120 amp LiPo ready speed controller! The FLX10-4S120 Flux 120A waterproof ESC and the FLX10-3675-2250KV Flux motor form an unstoppable force for incredible street racing power! And with the ability to handle a 4S LiPo battery with up to 14.8 volts of LiPo power, you'll see mind-blowing, incredible speeds and massive power every time you hit the accelerator on your remote control!

The QuantumRX Rally Car features HPI Racing's excellent TREDZ Stage gravel tire. With a pure racing tread design and durable rubber compound, it is also belted for added durability and durability.


• New: cylindrical gear cover

• New: raised front bumper

• New: Rally rear diffuser

• New: Belted Tredz Stage tires on rally wheels

• Rally car with 4-wheel drive shaft drive

• Suspension tuning with high ground clearance

• Independent double wishbone suspension front and rear

• Oil-filled aluminum coilover shocks with threaded bodies

• Front and rear suspension struts on balls

• Driveshafts and HD universal front axles

• HD differential cups

• HD shock shafts

• HD tensioners

• Differenziali a 4 ingranaggi in metallo robusto anteriore, posteriore e centrale

• Coperchio di protezione ingranaggi cilindrici

• Sistema di sterzo a campana a doppio punto con salvaservo integrato

• Telaio a vasca profonda sagomato con rinforzo a motivo esagonale

• La scatola del ricevitore chiusa protegge dalle intemperie

• Set completo di cuscinetti a sfera

• Mozzi esagonali in alluminio da 17 mm

• Scocca rifinita in fabbrica pretagliata

• Specchietti laterali della carrozzeria stampati in plastica e alettone posteriore da corsa a doppio livello

• Disponibile in due opzioni di colore

• Capacità 4S LiPo

• Motore brushless 3674 2250KV con albero da 5,0 mm

• ESC impermeabile 120A

• Servomotore resistente all'acqua con ingranaggi in metallo da 15Kg

• Radio 2.4GHz con ricevitore impermeabile

• Necessario per il funzionamento: 4 batterie AA per trasmettitore, batteria per auto e caricabatteria

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