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S-Workz S35-3GT2 PRO On-Road GT 2020

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SWORKz wins its first world title, and not one title, no, two GT World Championship titles, both with SWORKz S35-GT and SWORKz S35-GTE.

Based on the world champion SWORKz S35-GT platform, SWORKz is ? further developed, the result is? the S35-GT2 and S35-GT2E, which are improved in many ways.

The S35-GT2? designed as a thoroughbred racing machine for GT Onroad Racing, it has an all-new unique front and rear suspension design, Ackerman ? was adopted from the 1/8 S35-4 buggy, also the 2-speed transmission? ? It has been completely revised on the S35-GT2 platform and significantly improved compared to its predecessor. The S35-GT2 has a hard-anodized, milled and lightweight chassis made of high-strength T7075 aluminum. The wide rear end developed in numerous tests by our official drivers, is ? also used on the S35-GT2.

HET differentials developed by SWORKz are also included in the kit and offer traction that is not ? possible with other systems.

The new S35-GT2 has a "lying" front and rear shock arrangement. The shock absorbers have been optimized for this new arrangement.

The steering geometry of the S35-GT2 gives the driver total control of the S35-GT2.

The included wishbone brackets with square inserts allow you to adapt the axle geometry of your SWORKz S35-GT2 to any track, the front and rear wishbones are made of a newly developed composite material.

Another new development in the SWORKz S35-GT2? the completely new rear axle, the composite material combined with carbon plates offers the possibility? of different configurations.

Newly developed composite material works seamlessly with HET differentials for maximum traction.

There are many other changes and ideas in the SWORKz S35-GT2 that make the car a real winner.

The philosophy of SWORKz vehicles? that the best pilots can adapt their configuration to each route, but hobby pilots can also find a standard configuration that makes them more? fast on a wide variety? of routes, and the SWORKz S35-GT2 has these two properties. When designing the vehicle, the SWORKz development team took care of itself. concentrated on the use of materials that satisfy the most? high quality standards, the S35-GT2 kit contains only the quality? SWORKz 100%.

Congratulations on your purchase of your new SWORKz S35-GT2 Pro kit and thank you for your trust in SWORKz

FeaturesNew main frame in hard anodized and weight-optimised Ergal T7075

New wide frame design

New front and rear shock mount

New shock absorber caps

New optimized 3mm rear shock mount

New Ackerman steering plate

New steering system

New aluminum servo saver part

New lockable servo saver nut

New servo saver block design

New steering balls

New steering knuckle plates

New updated wishbone bracket with square inserts

New narrow wheel drivers

New front and rear lower wishbones

New upper wishbone front

New composite stub axle at the rear with carbon plates

New multi-adjustable link system for the rear upper wishbones

New anti-lock screws for shock absorbers

Front and rear HET differentials included

New 2-speed gearbox?

2 front frame posts included

More? equilibrium positions

More downstop area? strong

Optimized T7075 aluminum composite parts


Length: 490 mm

Width: 308 mm

Height: 145 mm

Ground clearance: 15 mm

Wheelbase: 325-330 mm

Track: FRONT 302 mm / REAR 306 mm

Gear ratio: C: 57/61,18/23T, F/R 43/13T

Weight: 3450 g


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